My First Salsa Dancing Class! Awkward but fun.


Taking salsa dancing classes is something I’ve wanted to do for over twenty years, my only regret is that I waited this long.

My first class was incredibly daunting but very fun. Here’s a picture of the class, I’m kind of squatting down in the middle so as not to block the faces behind me.

Before the start of the class, I sat in my car; I was filled with both dread and excitement. Once I was in, the instructor, Antonio, kept things light and rolling forward at an excellent pace, and the dread gave way to mere awkwardness, while the excitement level increased. I was paired with a young woman named Chelsea, who is the go-to gal for Salsa beginners. She kept a smile on her face and winked pleasantly at me as I stumbled around her deftly moving feet. I think I almost tripped her on multiple occasions. I was born for this.

For a beginner’s class, I have to say there were some amazing dancers in there. It’s inspiring to see such great dancing, and it gives me hope that I’ll be able to come close to that level after some time, practice, and sheer will. All in all it was fun, and I’m looking forward to the next class.

If anyone in the Washington or British Columbia area is interested in Salsa (and other forms of Latin dance), please visit the following website for more info on how you can get involved:


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